Six years of blogging

It’s been at the back of my mind recently that this month marks six years of blogging for me. I am of course talking about "official" blogging, with the software and reverse-chronology posts and comments and such—naturally I had web pages before 2002 but none of those were blogs.

Six years of blogging. April 22nd, 2002, to be exact, and since then I’ve spun out two other blogs (which lately have been getting far more attention from me) and written a crazy amount of words—exactly how many will have to be a topic for another post. But I keep thinking that this is some sort of milestone (since I missed the five-year anniversary) and that it should be celebrated somehow.

Shannon‘s organizing another blogger meetup this month, I believe, so maybe something in conjunction with that.



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  1. Do you want to help me? I need to find a date sometime the end of April. IM or email me. We just need to let BOR know the day to reserve the Blacksmith.

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