So, TV

This is one of those TV posts that I hate to do because I feel like I become a parody of a cliché of myself, but I need to scratch the itch so I’ll just keep the commentary down to short one- or two-line comments rather than long-winded diatribes. And no, I’m not going to talk about "Lost."

"American Idol" — they really, really need to get rid of both Paula Abdul and Ryan Seacrest (or, as I like to call him, "America’s Douchebag").

"The Office" — the funniest show on TV. Last week’s first new post-writer’s-strike episode: funny and uncomfortable!

"Scrubs" — the other funniest show on TV.

"CSI: Miami" — I don’t watch it.

"I Survived" — the few bits of this I’ve seen? Damn, the most depressing show ever.

"ER" — I don’t watch it.

"Law & Order" — I like the new cast members this season; didn’t realize ’til later that Linus Roache also played Thomas Wayne in "Batman Begins." Nice.

"24" — what? There’s a show called "24"? Oh, maybe next year.


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  1. I’ll throw in a few:

    "Hell’s Kitchen": Never have I seen more incompetent people in one kitchen.

    "Top Chef": Never have I seen more competent people in one kitchen.

    "New Amsterdam": Why do I have a feeling that Fox isn’t going to bring that show back, despite it being entertaining?

    "Dirty Jobs": Why the hell did they have to move it to the same night as my other favorite show ("House") thats moving to the same night?

    "House": Damn you writer’s strike (and American Idol) — about time you came back.

    And yes, I agree: Ryan Seacrest is a no talent hack. America’s douchebag is about as polite as I’d put it. And Paula needs less booze.

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