So, American Idol…

Yeah, I’m aware that this is the first blog post I’ve made here this month, and it happens to be an American Idol post. I suck, now let’s move on.

Basically, after watching all this season and tonight’s finale, my pick for the winner is David Cook. I thought both finalists did really well, but my criteria is this: I pick the one who I would actually listen to on the radio. David Archuleta has got an amazing voice, and can really sing, there’s no doubt—but he sings real yawners, stuff that I just wouldn’t listen to. I get bored most of the time when he sings.

Plus, David Cook is a lot more dynamic on stage, and actually seems like the exact kind of personality-slash-performer the whole competition is staged to discover.

So Cook should be the winner. Of course, the judges all disagree and voted for Archuleta, and they’re usually right.

In that case, it’ll be another Daughtry phenomenon… Archuleta will win, but he’ll fade into obscurity almost immediately while Cook will go on to have a successful career. You’ll hear him on the radio within the year.