A portable text game console. Yes, please.

Boing Boing Gadgets asks the rhetorical question: Who’d like a portable text game console? With some neat mocked up possibilities, too.

I’m raising my hand, by the way.

The intent behind such a device would be, in their words, to "open up the possibilities to the world’s vast back catalog of ASCII-style titles." In other words, to play any and all ASCII text-based games.

Like Nethack. Or text adventures (hundreds, if not thousands, of them). Or any other game that just used plain text.

As long as it was a cool gadget. With a long battery life.

For that matter, why don’t they have this type of thing for Commodore 64? Basically a handheld C-64. With keyboard and everything. It could be done.


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  1. Oh god! Get rid of what you have first…you don’t need anymore computer-related thingys in the house (unless it’s a new puter for me)

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