Just offloading some things and ideas that have been rattling around.

  • CNN ran a story last week entitled, "Nine cool jobs that pay well." (Paying "well" is relative in their article, I guess.) Top of the list? Brewmaster ($42,430).
  • And good news if you want to take advantage of how cool it would be to be a brewmaster: Beer is recession proof.
  • Where are the open source MySpace/Facebook clones? Are there any? In particular, I’m wondering if there is an open source social networking application written in PHP. There didn’t seem to be any last time I checked, so I was half thinking of writing one myself.

    …not with the intent of competing with MyFaceSpaceBook or anything like that; for that matter, anyone can create a free social network on Ning. I was more thinking in terms of, what if I wanted to create a separate, private social network site that didn’t rely on the Ning shared hosting paradigm? Or plop that software down on an intranet somewhere, behind a firewall? Any PHP apps out there I can just download and install for that?

    Hence my thinking on writing one. Mostly just because.

  • "Digital nostalgia." Not sure where I’m going with that yet, but it’s sparked by William Gibson’s comments about eBay in this interview.