Seems like everybody’s talking about the "08/08/08" calendar conjunction moreso than other years that I remember; somehow it’s supposed to be lucky or something. (I can’t remember; is there a name for this sort of numerical calendar occurrence?) Of course, it’s also a Friday, and you’re never supposed to start a trip on a Friday (or do a slew of other things), so maybe they cancel each other out.

Meanwhile, UFOs are being sighted in the area. You can follow the links and even see the captured video, though it mostly looks like a shiny dot. It was a little late for the Project Blue Book Festival, too—maybe next year!

(Yes, those last two links are blatant pointers back to my Hack Bend blog. If you got it, flaunt it.)

The best tie-in to "08/08/08" I know of is Stone Brewing’s 08.08.08 Vertical Epic Ale. Each year, from 01.01.01 through 12.12.12, they are releasing a limited-edition beer. You can drink it right away, or save it up for an epic "vertical tasting" of all the beers together in 2012 (or later).

Stone Brewing is awesome.

The job hunt is still ongoing. I have some strong leads but nothing definitive yet.

…if only someone would pay me a ton of money to write on my blogs full time. That would rock.


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