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Last week my company sent me and three co-workers to Simi Valley, California for a three-day training course with Bruce Clay. Bruce Clay, if you didn’t know (and likely you don’t; it’s pretty niche) is a Search Engine Optimization specialist and the training was, naturally, for SEO.

It was actually pretty worthwhile and interesting, despite my skepticism of SEO. But for purposes of this post, it got me thinking as to what search terms my three blogs rank well for on Google. Here’s a preliminary list:

  • bandage man: #1 (
  • bill gates house: #2 on Google Images (
  • matrix name generator: #1 (
  • cowboy dinner tree: #2 (
  • smoke alarm beeping: #4 (
  • pumpkin ale recipe: #1 (The Brew Site)
  • pumpkin ale: #2 (The Brew Site)
  • budweiser american ale: #7 (it was #3 at one point) (The Brew Site)
  • simcoe hops: #1 (The Brew Site)
  • best cheap beer and cheap beers: #1 (The Brew Site)
  • beer online: #5 (The Brew Site)
  • pumpkin patch bend oregon: #2 and #3 (Hack Bend)
  • kbnz: #2 (Hack Bend)
  • 92.7 fm bend: #1 and #2 (Hack Bend)
  • free kibble: #4 (Hack Bend)
  • three creeks brewery: #3, #4 and #5 (The Brew Site and Hack Bend)

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  1. So, that’s why you get the idiots trying to contact 92.7 saying "play this" "don’t play that" "who sings this" etc.

    92.7 should get their own page (at least landing) to make sure that they get all their listeners emails.

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