Halfway through the month, and I haven’t written here yet. Shameful. I guess it’s time to get my nerdtastic geek on.

  • The new Enterprise: I’ve been entirely mum on the topic of the new Star Trek movie coming out next year—a prequel to the original series with re-cast young stars and directed by J. J. Abrams—largely because, well, I’m not really sold yet. By and large, I have no problem with the re-casting of the original crew for a prequel—hey, multiple actors works for James Bond—but at the same time, does the franchise really need to re-visit a well-mined concept rather than doing something new?

    However, this week, the new Enterprise for the movie was revealed. And… no, I don’t love it. I’m not even sure I like it. Well, as a standalone Star Trek Universe ship—great. Fine. But as the original Enterprise? Why on earth wouldn’t they go back to the Original Series design? A bit unhappy.

    …yeah, I guess I am one of those Star Trek geeks who gets bothered when they screw up canon. The TV show "Enterprise" really bugged me when they did that, too.

  • Also this week I stumbled across New Scientist’s Future of Science Fiction special. It’s a good read, nothing too dense or heavy, but worth the time.
  • My brother sent me a link to the Snoopy WWI Flying Ace game trailer. Holy crap, that games look awesome. The Charlie Brown-esque Nazi-looking dudes are great. (Yes, I’m aware that there were no Nazi’s in World War One. I’m using poetic license here.) The game won’t be released until 2010, but it’s definitely going to be a must-have.