Coming to you from a new computer

I’m writing this blog post on our new computer. Yep, finally; we order a Dell from a really good online Black Friday deal and it arrived yesterday. Replacing the six-year-old eMachine.

This new computer is running Microsoft Vista, which I was really leery about, but so far there’ve been none of the problem with Vista I’d been fearing from past experience. Some other observations though…

  • "Windows Easy Transfer" isn’t. In fact, it rather sucks. I tried it twice, each time it failed. but not before copying over some data. The problem? It copied over stuff and simply re-created the folder structure as on the old computer, which really is not what I wanted. So I ended up scrapping that and copying over stuff myself.
  • This computer is quiet. Really, really quiet. It actually bothers me a little that it’s so quiet.
  • Browsing the internet in general seems quite a bit faster.
  • This Vista is the 64-bit version of the OS, which apparently our Canon scanner refuses to work with. That’s a bit frustrating, and makes me wonder what else isn’t going to run because of 64-bit issues?

In other computer news, I’m being sorely tempted by the Acer Aspire One netbook they have at Costco. Only $350. It’s tiny! But seems like a good price for what you get, and it’s more powerful than the other comparable netbooks out there right now.


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