I’ve been enjoying Once Upon a Win lately (the cousin to FAIL Blog) and the one thing that’s lacking so far is the Commodore 64. Tonight, though, I came across something even more epic: the Commodore Christmas Demo. Dave writes:

Commodore wrote their famous Christmas Demo in 1982 to demonstrate the capabilities of their new Commodore 64 computer and the upcoming Executive 64 (SX-64) portable. It was included with the test/demo disk that shipped with every SX-64 so dealers could introduce customers to the machines’ advanced (for the time) sound and graphics. Though its character graphics and SID sound seem quaint by today’s standards, the Christmas Demo reminds many Commodore fans of the morning they woke to find a computer under their tree.

1982. I never knew of this before. Click through and watch it.

Best thing I’ve seen online all week. Hands down.


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  1. Ah, memories. I never had a C-64 but it was my late brother and fellow gadget/PC freak Pete’s first computer, and of course, he never bought a piece of software for it.
    I got my first computer, a Tandy 1000, a couple years later, in ’84 I think. It’s colors were a great shade of purples. This thing beats it hands down.

    Thanks, Jon. And Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Two thanks for you in one comment here:

    1. Thanks for the C64 Xmas Demo – that brings back quite a few long forgotten memories, I haven’t thought about that in probably close to 20 years.

    2. And thanks for introducing me to Once Upon a Win – I wasn’t aware of it and just killed a good half hour going through some of that stuff, notably the ad for the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine – arguably a bit more catchy and memorable than the Commodore Xmas Demo, or at least something I was exposed two more than a few times thanks to Saturday morning cartoon time.

    Much obliged.

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