My wife made commented on yesterday’s post that I should "describe" the ornaments I received as gifts this year. Even better, here’s a picture of two:

Christmas ornaments I received for 2008... a beagle and a birthday cake

Probably the best way I would "describe" them is "tongue in cheek".


One Reply to “Ornaments”

  1. Now, to be fair, you also need to do the background on this.

    Your daughter was 6 weeks old and gave you a photo ornament on your birthday and it has become "tradition" and you hate it. I’d think it’s nice to look at the kids’ holiday picture each year since your birthday is 2 days before Christmas and it’s something they can give you (since they couldn’t pick when this first started).

    You complain and complain that I had found that birthday cake last year and nearly put the picture on the bottom to prove a point. It’s so hideous and your parents laughed and laughed when I had showed them, but again, it was to prove a point…QUIT COMPLAINING about your birthday ornament from your kids.

    Santa brought the beagle ornament since he knows how much you love your beagle 😉

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