And I don’t even have Monday off

Depending on how you look at it, my weekend was either eventful or not. It started with me (finally) catching my wife’s cold—this started Friday actually, as I woke up feeling cruddy and was generally run down by the end of the day.

"It’ll get worse," my wife said. So I was instructed to stay laid-up as much as I could during the weekend, which isn’t really practical when it’s Valentine’s Day and the coffeepot dies.

And there must be coffee. Right? Right? So I popped over to the nearest coffee stand and grabbed a couple of cups, and later in the morning we made the pilgrimage to Costco for a new coffeepot.

Our usual Valentine’s tradition is to pick up Papa Murphy’s heart-shaped pizza for dinner and split a bottle of champagne, as a family. No, the kids don’t get any champagne, stop thinking like that. Oh, and chocolate-covered strawberries. This year, my wife and the kids made the strawberries while I napped and sniffled.

It was a nice evening, even with a cold. It’s one of those colds with sinus pressure, which is no fun, and I seem to have a stiff neck too for some reason. Not sure if I slept on it wrong or what. Beyond that it’s not so much debilitating as annoying.

Today was a very lazy day, just keeping restful and low-key to speed this cold along. I read a bit, laid down a bit, folded my laundry, that sort of thing. Now it’s 10:30 or so and I’m getting ready to go to bed pretty soon. (Normally it’s around midnight before I go to bed.)

Working tomorrow. Should be mostly fine, but in case any of my co-workers are reading this, rest assured that I should be past the contagious point and I probably sound worse than I actually feel.


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  1. My wife had that as well, unfortunately hers turned into a sinus infection. Now, she did not succumb to the warning signs and did not slow down to take it easy, which probably contributed to it. Hopefully you caught yours in time bud!

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