Travel adventures thus far

This year—and this summer in particular—we’ve done quite a fair bit of traveling, possibly more than we have in the past. I’ve chronicled some of it as it applies to beer over on The Brew Site, but have been sorely lax in documenting the various trips here.

Here’s a summary of the notable travels, with more detailed posts to follow for some of them:

  • During spring break in March we visited Baker City for fabulous pizza and, well, seeing someplace new.
  • In May, we spent a weekend in Portland doing some shopping and visiting friends.
  • June was a big travel month: an anniversary trip spent in Lincoln City followed two days later by a longer visit to San Diego to see my brother.
  • In July, we made a day trip up to Hood River, which I already chronicled here.
  • Later in the same month, we made a quick day trip to Eugene. For beer.
  • August saw our annual family reunion convene for a camping trip at the coast, just outside of Garibaldi.
  • And, travels in August (and thus far this year) have more-or-less concluded with this past weekend, where my wife and I spent a night at Kah-Nee-Ta Resort (and Casino).

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  1. We still have the trip to the coast that I won from the carnival night at school.

    Your wife wants to travel more next year too and maybe even venture out of Oregon more. 😛

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