The end of November

(As I type in the title to this blog post, I have the line "Remember, remember the fifth of November" from "V for Vendetta" running through my head.)

I blink, and November has passed; tomorrow is December 1st which for all intents and purposes heralds the Christmas season. Well, actually according to the Shopping Gods the Christmas season is already in full swing—but I’m slightly more of a traditionalist than that.

Thanksgiving was nice and uneventful: a big meal, lots of beer, and a small group. I always view these holiday weekends to be taken advantage of in a relaxing sense, so what was I doing out the day after Thanksgiving hanging lights on the house in a snowstorm?

Freezing, that’s what.

Much of my month has been concerned with beer writing (the parts that aren’t concerned with work, and family, and so on): I’m gearing up for the Advent Beer Calendar which starts tomorrow on the Brew Site, and I’ve been signed on as a Featured Writer for RateBeer‘s new Hop Press group blog.

Meanwhile, I actually have some posts queued up in my head for this poor blog here. Maybe over the next few days I’ll actually get them written.


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  1. The first year you put up lights (without prompting) and it rains/snows on you. Sorry.

    They do look good and I know you won’t complain when we want to put the tree up 🙂

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