April update

Yes, I’ve been a bad blogger this month here. I’m this close to switching this site over to WordPress though, and I think that will help my creative output. I just moved Hack Bend to WordPress and that went alright (so far).

There’s not much to report for April, actually, it’s just been a busy month that seemed to slip away quickly, as they seem to do these days. I am glad that the current TV season is winding down, as that’s a major timesink and you all know how I resent it around this time of year.

Fortunately, with both "24" and "Lost" ending this year, that at least frees up two hours a week. Plus they won’t aggravate me like they are now. ("24" is less aggravating than "Lost" but it’s still a weak season. As was last year’s.)

I entered a beer in the Central Oregon Homebrewers Organization‘s annual "Spring Fling" competition, which was held last weekend on the 17th. I didn’t win anything, but after something like 15 years of homebrewing it was time to finally do something "official" (though I did enter beers in a couple of the Deschutes County Fairs some years ago, and got ribbons for those—so this wasn’t the first competition I’ve entered). It was fun, and enlightening. I really need to become an official member of the homebrew club.