Some random thoughts for September

We’ve had our Android phones for a few weeks now—-yes, finally catching up to much of the rest of the First World in that a phone is no longer just a device you talk to people on, but a full-fledged computer you carry around in your pocket—-and they’re slick little pieces of hardware, oh yes. I’m still in "tinkering" stage and not really using it, or rather exploiting it, the way it could be, yet. Half the time I still want to, you know, just make phone calls.

Don’t know where the thought came from, but it occurred to me earlier today that the (nearly 20-year-old) cartoon "James Bond Jr." was really a terrible idea.

Thus far in the new TV season I’m liking The Event (though I won’t be as generous with it as I was with Lost—I’ve learned that lesson) and Hawaii Five-O; I thought last week’s (two hour) premiere of Law & Order SVU was ridiculously melodramatic, even by SVU standards (they’re just not very good cops); I’m hoping Law & Order Los Angeles will be good enough to be a replacement to real Law & Order (RIP); and somehow I’ve gotten pulled into watching Modern Family and Parenthood, both new from last season. I’m not sure how to feel about those two.

I’m meh about the various CSI series; the fake overly-futuristic computer technology they portray highly annoys me, and Miami is worthless as near as I can tell (especially since they’ve apparently eliminated the opening one-liner). How that show is still on the air is a mystery to me.