The Halloween season

Being a couple of days from Halloween naturally conjures up images of ghost stories and spooky hauntings. And this being a blog means, of course, links.

John Gottberg Anderson (Bend’s resident restaurant critic and travel writer) has a couple of posts on his blog this week: Sleeping with Oregon Ghosts, and Sleeping with Portland Ghosts. Talking about the various places he’s stayed, I believe, that are rumored to be haunted.

I am amused and not a little pleased to see that a Google search for "Bandage Man" still has my original 2005 post as the number one result. That’s still a great, quirky-Oregon story, and there are even a couple of "first-hand accounts" in the comments on that post.

For some closer-to-home (that being Bend) ghost stories, check out the Hack Bend post I wrote up two years ago (it being based on an earlier post originally on this site).