I still hate Daylight Saving Time

I’ve ranted about daylight saving time before but these past few weeks are really bringing home just how much I truly hate the practice: it’s pitch dark at 7am. (I get up at 6:45.) Pitch dark! It’s ridiculous! It should never be that dark at 7 in the morning in mid-Autumn—unless you live above the Arctic Circle, but that’s a different matter.


One Reply to “I still hate Daylight Saving Time”

  1. Hah! I just had this argument with Whitey this morning. He leaves the house at 6:45 to make dough and leaves every stinking light on! I wake up at 8 and it’s bright outside with the bathroom light, kitchen light, basement light and den light on.

    I hate daylight savings time. We didn’t have it growing up in Hawaii. When I moved to Oregon after high school I thought you mainlanders were nuts for changing the clock.

    The next person to run for Governor should use this as a platform. Abolish Daylight Savings Time in our state. HAH!

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