This site is running WordPress now; if you’ve visited in the last few days you may have noticed. The transition process was overall pretty painless, having done this already for my other two blogs; the real work is in going through old entries (many of the first, I don’t know, couple of years worth?) and updating them to fix the URLs (many of which are currently broken in WordPress) and re-categorize and tag everything.

It’s interesting revisiting these old posts, watching the evolution of the writing as I find a “voice” on the blog. And it’s amazing how far back this all goes—I started this blog back in 2002 and there’s been an amazing amount of change in my life since then.

I’ll be continuing to make fixes and add features over the next few days/weeks. That’s one thing I love about WordPress, is the ease of building this stuff out. (Of course, that can be one of the things to hate about WordPress too.)