New Year

It’s kind of nice having New Year’s Day on a Saturday (and Christmas last week as well); knowing there’s another day to this weekend (and actually another after that for me—I have Monday off as well) makes it easy to be lazy and recover from New Year’s Eve.

…Not that there was much for me to recover from; we spent the afternoon and evening with friends and overate and yes, drank plenty of beer along with champagne at midnight and—get this—a glass of absinthe, but I was careful enough not to wake up with a hangover this morning (lots of water plus aspirin before bed). Tired yes—for some reason I was up before eight, which is bogus considering last night I didn’t get to bed until after 1:30am.

So today was lazy but a few things were done. I sorted and cleaned out my old emails for the past year, reducing my inbox from just under 1000 (I think?) to 18 emails; straightened up the desk in the office (one of my goals is to re-work the office overall, but the first step is being able to see the desk surface); read the novella “Big Driver” in Stephen King’s latest book, Full Dark, No Stars (the second story in the collection; the first, “1922” is longer and took me several sporadic days to complete).

And of course, the day was also spent being reflective about 2010 and thinking about what 2011 should be like, as these things go. I’ve not gone so far as to have worked up any resolutions, but working up some possible goals—you know how it is this time of year.