On the road to Ignite Bend

In my previous post I talked about submitting a proposal to Ignite Bend (and what Ignite actually is). Today was the official “reveal” of the nine speakers selected to present, and yes, I was picked.

(I actually received the official email yesterday.)

Now of course the real nerves and doubts set in. I’ve already started working on my slides—several days ago in fact—and it’s immediately apparent that distilling down information about brewing beer (in “10 Easy Steps”!) while coordinating with 15-second intervals on the slide rotation is no small chore.

Although it occurred to me that I don’t have to cover every piece of information in the speaking portion of the presentation—that’s what the slides are for. So the trick is in balancing slides between humor and information and letting them do half the work.

One of my problems in talking about beer and brewing is, of course, that I can talk on and on about the subject and unload a lot of information about it; so this will be an interesting challenge.

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  1. I told ya, you should use my 10 tips…short & simple. You have to use #6, “stink up the house” for sure 😛

    Your right though, balance is the key…not too much info but just enough to peak further interest.

    You’ll do fine, just eat light that day & don’t puke on stage 🙂

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