Lego video games

For some reason the other day (other week?) I was thinking about the various Lego video game franchises out in the wild:

  • Lego Star Wars (2 games)
  • Lego Indiana Jones (2 games)
  • Lego Batman and Robin
  • Lego Harry Potter

These games are actually really fun, and I got to thinking about other franchises that might be good fits:

  • Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Lego Matrix
  • Lego Lord of the Rings
  • Lego James Bond
  • Lego Spider-Man
  • Lego Back to the Future
  • Lego Die Hard

(Even though I just came up with that last one while writing this, it makes me smile; something about “Yippee-ki-yay” and Lego minifigs is just too good to pass up.)

So I typed in “Lego video games” in Google and linked to Wikipedia’s List of Lego video games and lo and behold, not only is there a third Lego Star Wars coming out this year… but there actually is a Lego Pirates of the Caribbean coming out as well.


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