Twitter cleaning

I figure I need to clean up my @chuggnutt Twitter account (and probably the @hackbend and @brewsite ones as well).

Not that I have an extraordinary number of followers, or people I’m following—522 and 425, respectively—but I realized there’s a fair amount of “noise” on what amounts to my personal Twitter account and there are accounts I’m also following on either @hackbend or @brewsite, and I don’t really need to see redundant tweets.

So I’ll be going through my personal Twitter account and weeding out accounts I’m following, and figure if anyone’s using something like and gets offended that I unfollow them, I can at least point to my criteria:

  • If the account hasn’t had an update in 2 months or more, unfollowed.
  • If I’m also already following that account on @hackbend or @brewsite, I’ll unfollow on @chuggnutt.
  • Unless it’s someone I know personally, or have interacted with on @chuggnutt more often, then I’ll keep the (redundant) follow.
  • Of course there are accounts I just find interesting even if I never interact with them, so I’ll keep following those.
  • If the account seems spammy, or keeps posting repetitive tweets, unfollowed.
  • If the account is something like a brewery that I’m not already following on @brewsite—or a Bend business or similar I’m not already following on @hackbend—I’ll follow on those respective accounts and unfollow on @chuggnutt.

I’m not too worried about the followers to my account; it’s been awhile since I’ve had to do a bot/porn sweep and block accounts, and I haven’t really seen any I’d consider blockable come through lately.

…I should probably go through and clean up my Facebook sometime, too.