Ignite Bend 7

We attended Ignite Bend 7 the other night (merely watching this time, rather than as a presenter) and it continues to amaze me how good and fun an event this is; I’d venture to say this was the best one yet.

(Though I might need to watch the previous ones again to be sure.)

Since presenting at Ignite is such a fast-paced, nerve-wracking, and often first-time experience for people, there’s usually at least one presenter who’s visibly nervous, or stumbles a bit over their slides or their timing, and this faltering can take some of the steam out of their presentation; at IB7, though, everyone was engaging and maintained a really good energy level (even Becky Zagursky who had trouble keeping up with her Aqueous Humor slides rolled with it and kept the crowd laughing).

All in all a great event, as always. If you’ve never been to an Ignite, you should make the time for one. (The next Ignite Bend is going to be February 23.)