The big four-oh

So today—which as I write this, is nearly over—is my birthday, and most people know it was a momentous one: 40.

That’s right, one of the Big Ones. (From 30 onward they all get counted in tens, of course.) What’s funny is I’ve been mentally rounding my age up the past few months anyway, so there’s really not much adjustment now that it’s official. And no, I don’t “feel old.”

But it was a very good birthday, with friends and family and beer and good times. Oh and a cigar and a whiskey or two.

And the Mayans didn’t mess it up, either. But now, technically, we’re in the new cycle of their Long Count Calendar (day 2, actually, since it ended on the 21st), which combined with my 40th birthday seems awfully momentous somehow. That could be a good theme for my next 40 years…

Next up: Christmas!