Welcome! This is the personal website and online identity of Jon Abernathy, aka Chuggnutt. chuggnutt.com has been online since April of 2002 (April 22nd of that year is when I made my first blog entry) and while most of this site is a blog, there are a few other pages I’ve put up over the years, some of which have been popular in one form or another:

  • Free Palm Reader eBooks
  • What’s Your Matrix Name?

Open Source PHP projects:

MySQL Database Abstraction Layer
(PHP Class) Based on the DB MySQL class from the PHP
Base Library
, this is a stripped-down MySQL-only database abstraction
layer that I use in all my PHP coding.
Word Stemmer
(PHP class) This is a port of the Porter Stemming Algorithm developed by
Martin Porter for reducing English words to their stems. Open source.
HTML to Text Converter
(PHP class) This class converts HTML to plain, formatted ASCII text. Open
Geographic Codes
(PHP class) This is a simple little class that maintains a hash of state
and country codes with their names with some output routines. Open source.
PHP Jabber Class
This is a class I haven’t worked on for years, hosted on SourceForge.
The purpose was to manage communications with a Jabber server. There’s no
files online anywhere, though. If you’d like to see them, email me.

I also write two other blogs:

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