Yes, I was a French Major

The dice tumbled across the table, bounced in unison against the far end and skidded to a halt. The woman in the red dress looked up, her full pouty lips pursed in excitement. Her face was bright and intelligent; her dress faltered to reveal sensuous thigh when she moved. “You’ve won again, Mr.—” She paused. “I’m sorry, I don’t—”

“Fromage.” The man’s mouth barely moved as he spoke the name around the cigar clenched between his teeth. A lighter flashed, and orange-blue flame licked the cigar’s tip, igniting a red ember. The man drew deeply, extinguished the lighter with a deft flick of the wrist, and exhaled thoughtfully. A cloud of sweet, pungent blue smoke wafted upwards over the table. “Jacques Fromage.”

Roommates & Fraud

Second entry already. Whaddya know.

Got a call today from a Greg Madigan at regarding the old chuggnutt website I used to have on Tripod. I hadn’t updated this old site in about 2 years, and apparently someone based in New York used my old website and signed up for the Roommate Access affiliate program, and is now attempting to run some sort of credit card fraud.


I spoke with Greg and the vice-president over there at Roommates, and they were very cool, they just wanted to give me a heads up about what was going on. Very much appreciated.

Needless to say, I logged into Tripod, removed all the old files from my chuggnutt account, changed the index.html file to redirect to this site, and changed the password. Hopefully that’ll help clear things up a bit.

First Blog Entry

It may be pretty raw, but here I am posting the first entry to this blog. It’s a homegrown system I hacked out in about 2 days using PHP4 and a MySQL database.

Still a ton of things I’d like to do with this, given the time. I probably need to make it template-based, right now the HTML is hard-coded into the PHP, but that was a quick way for me to hack it out.

So, email me and tell me what you think!