Monsters in classic works of art

Halloween blogging #2

Scream mashup: the movie and the Munch paintingShamelessly lifted this link from Boing Boing, but it was too cool not to: Worth1000’s monsters/classic artwork photoshopping mashup contest. I’ve done some basic graphics munging here, producing such altered classics as Bayer Heroin, Jedi Master Kermit and the Nebraska State Quarter, but my image manipulation powers pale in comparison to what these guys have pulled off. There’s some serious image kung fu here. It’s brilliant and topical! They’re all really good, but I particularly like the “Scream” painting (which I excerpted) and “The Ring” riff.

Brandon Bird Paintings

My brother finds the best links. Check out artist Brandon Bird, who produces unique and totally random (in a wacked-out way) art work; I particularly like his paintings page. You have to click through and view them. That’s an order.

I rather like the painting of Christopher Walken building Optimus Prime in the garage, I mean that’s just weird. Or the one named “Two Warriors Come Out of the Sky”, that one has to be seen to be believed.