Testing blog services

I see today that the new WordPress.com free blog service went live. It’s a hosted setup, just like Blogger. Interesting, so I decided, what the hell, I’ve got a few minutes before I leave for lunch, so I just set up free blogs on both WordPress and Blogger.

Why? Well, to test out the various services, and see how they work. I’ve always done the blogging thing from the ground up, writing and maintaining my own software, so I’m curious as to how well the free services work. And it makes me more of an expert in blogging.

Actually, I’ve used WordPress before, in setting up my mom’s blog, so I’m already a bit familiar with it. So far the online service is very similar.

First impressions—WordPress’s service is easier to use than Blogger’s. Especially for non-techie types; to add links in the sidebar, Blogger requires that you edit the HTML of the site template itself, whereas WordPress gives you their easy link management interface to do so.