Fantastic Four

Okay, I admit that since I saw the trailer for it at the beginning of Star Wars, I want to see the “Fantastic Four” movie. Even though, as my brother seems to think, it will likely turn out to be desperately bad. But with today’s CGI and effects technology, even the desperately bad can look good—or at least the trailers can.

The qualm I do have about the movie is one I share with my brother—the rubbery-looking costume for the Thing. I hope the final version looks a lot better, because right now it looks like, I don’t know, Meat Man or something. This is supposed to be a character who’s mutated into orange rock or somesuch, not latex. Couldn’t they have done an all-CGI Thing?

I don’t have a problem with casting Michael Chiklis in that role, though. It seems appropriate. Peter David, who’s doing the novelization, made a comment about this: “If I had to guess, I’m thinking Chiklis’ Ben Grimm is going to be the character everyone’s talking about.” So there’s hope. Maybe.

Of course, when there’s an article on Wired about all the hype and hooplah the studio’s going through to promote the movie, that just seems to be that they’re trying too hard. The movie will look good—mostly—but it’ll likely be another Hulk.

And in related news: Defamer reports that a skywriter promoting the movie messed up by drawing the “4” backwards. Nice.

Comic book references at the Post Office

Since we’ve moved into a brand-new development, we don’t even have a mailbox yet so we have to go to the Post Office to pick up our mail. The location for this is their warehouse in the industrial part of town, and when you go in, there’s simply a tiny lobby and a doorway that leads to the rest of the warehouse.

While waiting for the postal lady to retrieve my mail, I noticed a whiteboard leaning up against the wall inside the warehouse. It was a chart, and the heading at the top was, “DCU FLASH (PERFORMANCE)”. It seemed to mark down delivery times/speeds.

Of course, any self-respecting comics geek would recognize that “DCU FLASH” refers, of course, to DC ComicsFlash, and is entirely appropriate for a chart about delivery speeds.

Well, at least I thought it was kinda funny.


Forgot to mention, I saw the movie Hellboy last Saturday, and had a few words about it.

Really good. For a long time I’d heard about plans for a Hellboy movie and was really skeptical that anyone could make a good one, but when I started seeing the actual previews, I got excited about it. And the movie delivered. It stayed extraordinarily true to the comic and Mike Mignola‘s vision.

Totally worth it. Go see it!

Comic Trademarks

Here’s an interesting fact: Marvel and DC—the two biggest publishers of comic books—jointly own a trademark on the term “Super Hero” (and its variations). Huh? I picked this up from Newsarama, via Boing Boing.

That seems to me to be just a little bit ludicrous, but it suddenly seems clear why Alan Moore’s comic books refer to their protagonists as “science heroes” and not superheroes.

Man that’s weird.