Doom Dog

Okay, here’s a picture of the scariest dog I’ve ever seen—come to think of it, the entire picture is pretty freaky:

Doom dog!
(Picture found on Strong Gundogs)

Holy shit, that looks like something that would come from Doom or something…

Apparently people breed dogs like these to hunt wild boar. Jeez…

Dog Days

So last night, the dog eats a bag of Hershey’s Kisses.

Okay, so not a whole bag, but about 10 ounces out of a 12 ounce bag. And they were the new Kisses, tasty ones with toffee and almonds.

Anyway, I go downstairs about 10 o’clock, and find the shredded bag on the floor, sans Kisses. Uh oh, I think. This can’t be good.

Every one was gone. As was most of the foil.


And you know what happens when dogs eat chocolate, right? Right?

(Here’s a hint: they die.)

So my wife calls a 24-hour vet, and they tell us that if a dog eats an ounce of chocolate for each pound of body weight, then they’re in danger, otherwise, they’ll just (probably) end up with some gastrointestinal problems. Since the dog is about 50 pounds, and he only ate 10 ounces of chocolate, there’s nothing to worry about.

Hell with that. I’m worried about all the damn foil he ate.