Part of owning a house means yardwork and landscaping, which I’m sure everybody by now knows I just love (*cough*). This weekend it was planting tulip bulbs in the ground, which should look pretty good come spring.

Unless, of course, they don’t survive. Since we bought a new house, on recently developed land, a good majority of the soil we’re sitting on is gravel and rocks and fill—basically just junk dirt that the excavation company used to push out and level the lot. It’s basically the worst soil (if you can call it “soil”) I’ve ever seen for planting—I pulled more rocks and gravel out of the ground than dirt, it seemed, when digging holes for the bulbs. So who really knows if they’ll grow here.

On the other hand, the lawn is (mostly) doing okay, as are some of the plants put in by the landscapers…