Random bits on a Friday night

→ My porting of The Brew Site to WordPress worked out remarkably well (minus more fine tuning I still need to do), so sooner or later I’ll get around to porting this site over as well.

→ Not sure what to do with the ebooks page anymore. It’s not going anywhere (I don’t like linkrot), but the Palm eReader platform they were all released for seems to no longer be a relevant format. Seems like Mobipocket is the way to go: it’s supported by all main platforms, it’s an open standard (with development tools, I think), and even Amazon.com has adopted it.

Of course, I have less time than ever to even think about offering up new ebooks…

→ We went to the school’s Family Fun Night this evening and actually won the drawing for a weekend coast getaway—a condo in or near Newport.

→ Last weekend I opened up some mystery bottles of homebrew that had been in storage for an indeterminate (but fairly long) amount of time.They were actually not at all bad; one was very oxidized and reminiscent of a sherry—no idea what style it was originally—the other was a stout, also oxidized but not as badly. Kind of fun tasting mystery brews like that, so this evening I put four more bottles in the fridge to taste this weekend.

In this case, I know for sure what at least one of them is: the second beer I ever brewed, a honey wheat ale. Vintage, mid-nineties.

For reference, I have several bottles of my early batches of beer: one bottle of the very first batch I brewed, a generic amber-ish ale; a bottle or two of the honey wheat; one bottle of the third(?) I brewed, a porter; a bottle of an Oktoberfest (very early also, but I don’t recall exactly when); and one or two bottles of “Capricorn Porter”, a beer brewed with all sorts of things like juniper berries and licorice and such. It dates to ’96 or ’97 I think.

There are also several other unlabeled bottles as well. I can’t speak for certain how any of these have held up with questionable storage conditions, but who cares? I’m having fun with the adventure. Anyone want to get in on it?