Weak 24

Maybe it’s just me, but I think this season of “24” is really weak, especially after last season. I thought this at the beginning of the season, and after Sunday night’s episode (and tonight’s follow-up), this weakness was just reiterated for me in spades.

It just really smacks of bad writing, bad plotting. Jack Bauer had to kill his boss? WTF? Sloppy, poorly thought out, poorly executed (no pun intended). If it’s simply for shock value, as my wife suggested, then I think it’s really bad writing.

But then again, it’s hard to follow up last season: they offered up Ass-Kicking Jack, Sacrifice-Himself-to-Save-the-World Jack, and Return-from-the-Dead Jack. This season? Junkie Jack, Desperately-Undercover Jack, and Cold-Blooded-Murder Jack.

It’s almost as lame as me writing about how lame it is.