Jury duty recap

Jury duty was interesting—I skirted being on a DUI trial by that much. How it works is about 30 people show up for the jury summons. Of those, 12 are randomly selected and interviewed. I was one of the 12. Several potential jurors were excused, and after an hour of jury interviews they finally selected the final six.

Two things stand out. First, the courtroom was cold, like air conditioning was on or something. (Hello, it’s like 20 degrees outside!) Second, the defense attorney was just a kid, a young guy who looked like he’d just graduated from law school. He spent a good 45 minutes interviewing us, and asking the randomest, strangest questions. Total newbie.

I don’t have to go tomorrow, and I don’t know yet about Friday. After that, I’m done for whenever I get summoned again. Mark off another milestone in life.

Jury Duty

Yup, that’s what I got tomorrow. Never been summoned for jury duty before, so I’m anxious to see what it’s like, but I hope I don’t end up on some big trial or a sequestered jury or anything like that.