Hobbit holes in Bend?

Now this is some kind of crazy:

The hobbit holes will hold lawn mowers instead of diminutive, barefooted halflings from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, but The Shire aims to bring some Old World styling and a fantasy setting to Bend’s east side.

“We call it the place of enchantment, and we are building to that (motto),” said Ron Meyers, the developer whose business card identifies him as Lord of The Shire….

The application submitted to the city for development calls for a mix of 31 cottages and townhomes on 6.2 acres off Benham Road east of the Parrell/Sisters Mobile Home Park. The project also will have 1.5 acres of common open space that will include trails, ponds, landscaping and an amphitheater, some of which are in place.

Hobbit holes already are cut into the side of the hill, and Karl Anthony, whom Meyers describes as a “spiritual artist,” held a concert at the amphitheater a few weeks ago.

It will be the homes themselves, however, that give The Shire its unique look.

Cottages will evoke English country homes. Townhouses will be built to look like medieval city streetscapes.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

…actually, I’d be real curious to see what it looks like when they’re done. Jeez, just when I thought the real estate market around here couldn’t get any weirder…

One thing the Bulletin forgot: the web site address for “The Shire.” Kind of important, there.

But that’s okay, I found it: The Shire of Bend, Oregon.

The Two Towers DVD

I just finished watching the DVD extended edition of The Two Towers. Some three and a half hours long. Totally worth it, though, especially for the deleted scenes—most of which cover the additional backstory and events in the books that they couldn’t cover in the theatrical release. Good stuff.

All of which is preparation for finally getting out to see The Return of the King this weekend. Cool!

Orthanc and Barad-dur

I went and saw The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers today.

Oh. My. God.

There were some deviations from the book— more so than in The Fellowship of the Ring— in order to fit the movie format, but it all worked extremely well. I couldn’t have asked for a better movie. Among other things, the Ents are simply astounding.

Now, of course, I expect The Return of the King to even surpass The Two Towers. I’m counting the days.