Boba Maul?

I finally saw Attack of the Clones last Friday (the 5th), and it was pretty good. Better than The Phantom Menace, at any rate. And I’ve been thinking of the odd, cult-like popularity that has arisen out of two Star Wars characters, Boba Fett and Darth Maul.

Yep, utterly geeky.

My best theory as to their popularity is that they are visually interesting, bad-ass characters who were not overused. (Although, with Jango Fett in AOTC, they may be trodding down the overused path with clan Fett.) You know, less is more.

So, I decided to merge the two characters into one, ultra-cool, ultra-bad-ass creation:

Darth Fett.

Here’s the image I whipped up to illustrate.

Nuff said.