Two brilliant (goofy?) ideas

One of the goals I have in mind for 2011 is to get back to writing more on this, my first blog (without slacking off on my other two blogs). Sometimes that will be in the form of braindumps, just random ideas I have bouncing around my head that need to be recorded somewhere. Brilliant? Maybe. Goofy? Possibly. Here are two.

#1: Santa Claus, Zombie Killer. This just seems so obvious that I’m not sure why I haven’t seen it somewhere before. Although I admit I may have been subliminally influenced by Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter; it’s hard not to see a title like that and not internalize it somehow.

#2: Godzilla vs. Voltron. This popped into my head on New Year’s Eve while we were over at our friends’, watching a Godzilla movie (one of the ’90s ones). Since Godzilla is usually the villain this would totally work; it would of course have to be the lion Voltron fighting Godzilla. This would be completely awesome, though I bet the licensing on this type of deal would be a real bitch.

I’m here all week, folks…

What with the recent talk over Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez getting married, I’ve heard speculation that she might take to calling herself “J. Aff”. I think they’ve got the wrong idea. She should take both surnames, hyphenated, so she’d be Jennifer Affleck-Lopez… or, you know:

J. Aff-Lo.

Hey, it could be worse, I could be making AFLAC jokes (cue the duck squawking, “Affleck!”)…

And look, the government is all set to release their new Monopoly money at the end of March! <Insert Park Place joke here…>