Sony Bend… Again!

I saw this yesterday (actually, my wife saw it and sent me the link) and forgot to blog it: “Bend firm gets paid to play,” about the mysterious Sony Bend and the release of their third Syphon Filter game. As usual, Jake beat me to the punch on blogging this and gives me entirely too much credit for this article.

Pretty cool, though. And, anyone who wants to work in the video game industry, take note: Sony Bend is looking to hire 20 artists, designers and programmers this year.

Sony Bend Redux

It’s funny how the world works. Hot on the heels of my blog article on Sony Bend Tuesday of last week, our local newspaper, the Bend Bulletin, publishes a story in Saturday’s business section about Sony Bend and the latest version of their Syphon Filter game in development.

Sony filters out separatist group from Bend designer’s video game” is the article. I don’t really need to comment on the story as the opening sentence covers it: “Sony Computer Entertainment America has pulled a fictitious Quebec terrorist group from the latest in a series of hit video games created by John Garvin….”

Basically, I just thought it was very interesting to see this article show up in the paper less than a week after I had initially blogged about the company.