Sugar High Friday

Sugar High Friday was an event that I single-handedly started when I was working for Dakotah Direct in Spokane, Washington. Here’s the gist of it (hearts and arteries, beware):

Some arbitrary Friday, maybe one Friday a month, there is a suggestion and a mutual consensus to have the Event. There is no overt advertising, simply word-of-mouth, but word gets around. On that Friday, everybody participating brings to work some assortment of candy and junk food in an obscenely sweet pseudo-potluck. And for the entire day, everyone consumes the sweets (often washed down by copious amounts of soda pop) and partakes in the hypoglycemia-inducing, high-calorie bonding. All are welcome, whether they contribute or not.

Sounds disgusting? It probably was. But it was a hell of a lot of fun, and it’s one of the few things I genuinely miss about working for Dakotah. Until my current job, I hadn’t worked for a company that’s had enough people to make a Sugar High Friday a true Event. Now I am, so maybe it’s time to try to start it up with a new batch of coworkers.

Spread the word! Enjoy Sugar High Friday in your organization!

Hell, maybe I’ll set up a website and truly institutionalize it…