The Brew Site

I’m launching a new blog. Okay, well, a new blog on an old site—a site I’ve been “working on” for, like, four years now: The Brew Site.

My original goal for The Brew Site, when I “launched” back in 2000, was a comprehensive, be-all end-all directory/portal/guide to beer and brewing-related stuff online. Kind of like Yahoo for beer. However, I never really had the time to do this, so I’d work on it a little bit, then real life would intrude. So up to now it’s been my spectacularly unfinished site. Kind of embarrassing, really.

So I figured I’d better do something with it, and since I’ve been thinking more about writing lately, and making money blogging, the natural conclusion was to turn it into a blog. And I’ll try to make money on it with AdSense. So, it’s my first real foray into blogging for money (aside from the AdSense I’m running here, which is simply a nice bonus).

Actually, the other motivation I had was that I emailed the guys at Weblogs, Inc. seeing if they were interested in a beer blog, and I figured, why wait? If they want me to write a blog for them, I’m there, and I’ll offer them The Brew Site. If not, no worries, I’ll just use this as the start of my own nanopublishing empire. ;)

So in the meantime start reading! Subscribe to the RSS too!