Off to Florida tomorrow

Ah, we’re quite the travelers this year: tomorrow we’re flying out to Florida for a week. We’ll be visiting my wife’s grandparents near Fort Lauderdale and yes, taking some time to drive up to Orlando for Disney World.

It probably goes without saying that I won’t be online much, or at all. We’re taking the laptop, but time and connectivity may not permit much. I’m not too devastated by this.

See y’all on the other side.

Back from vacation

Yep, home again, home again. Actually we got home yesterday (Sunday), but it’s taken me two days just to get started catching up on email and stuff. Anyway, it was one hell of a vacation! Internet access was spotty to none for most of the trip (you could pay 50 cents a minute for access from the ship that was little better than dial-up when it worked), so it turned into an offline sabbatical.

I imagine I’ll post some pictures and stories in the coming days. Right now though I’m still catching up, and decompressing. It was back to work today, which always sucks after a long vacation.

The Vacation

Wednesday (today, even though it’s only 12:30 am) is the start of our big vacation: 12 days worth. It’s the longest vacation we’ve had in… ever, maybe. So my offline status may extend a bit, even though we’re taking the laptop with us. Though with internet access, who knows…

What are we doing? Well, prepare to be jealous: We’re going on an Alaskan cruise. Yep! It’s my in-laws 35th wedding anniversary, so they’re taking the family on a cruise. Nice, huh?

Told you you’d be jealous :).

We’ll be stopping in Seattle first for a couple of days, to visit some old friends (we’re driving to Vancouver, B.C. for the cruise itself), so all in all it’s going to be a very busy vacation. If I have time to blog, I may do so. Or maybe not! It might get really quiet around here if I’m gone for nearly two weeks.

If I’m not around, try reading some of our other local blogs. Or check out Wikipedia, they’ve got some good stuff there.