Fine Grind

Still around. Had a nice, four-day holiday weekend, and now I really don’t want to go back to work Monday morning. It’s odd; I love working with the Internet, and developing in PHP, and the cool technologies, and being hands-on in all aspects of a web site from domain name registration and server management to server-specific Apache configuration, but I’m also growing very weary of the day-to-day Alpine grind.

(Grind is not exactly the right word, but I’m being lazy tonight. Also, it alliterates nicely with “Alpine.”)

Thinking about it now, perhaps I’m getting tired of being a part of a struggling start up company. It’s draining, and wasn’t what I had set out to do two and a half years ago when I was looking for a new job. I often feel that the amount of energy and effort and personal stake I’m investing (as I am with Alpine) should be directed to my own endeavor and not necessarily somebody else’s vision and risk.

In other words, if I want to work for a start up, it should be my own.

But don’t necessarily hold your breath.