Book on blogging via blogs…

Now this is interesting… Robert Scoble announces he’s writing a book on blogging… all on a blog. Well, to be fair, he’s co-writing it, but his plans are, write the book online, on a blog, and then sell the publishing rights on ebay. Wow.

Q: Why should I buy the book if the entire thing is going to be done online?


A: Easy. You shouldn’t. But you should tell your friends to buy it. We’re figuring that for every blog reader there are three friends out there who don’t know anything about blogs and don’t want to read a book on a computer screen. So, if we give away 100,000 copies (not an unreasonable number because we had more that many show up on Channel 9 in just the first two days in business and Firefox has given away, what, seven million copies of Firefox so far in just a few weeks) that we’ll get a few sales from your friends. So, the people who help us write the book and hype it up get it for free, but their friends have to pay. Plus, if the book is actually good maybe some of you will want it on your bookshelves to show you support good stuff.