Christmas parties galore

So Thursday evening the kids’ daycare/preschool had their Christmas program, with each class performing two (or more) songs. Before the performances, Santa and his elves had arrived and all the kids waited in line to see them (although when you’re talking about kids ranging in age from 1 to 5, “waiting in line” is relative), and there was a big table full of cookies and treats for everyone. The kids (ours especially) all did great jobs with their respective songs, and while this wasn’t a “big” pageant or anything, it still kind of feels like you’ve “arrived” as a parent when your kids are in a school program on stage.

Friday (last night) was my company’s holiday party. (“Holiday” as opposed to “Christmas” because we—as a company—didn’t want to offend anyone who might not celebrate Christmas. Have we really gotten so PC and “sensitive” that…? Ah, but that’s another rant.) It was a great party, lots of free beer and wine and excellent food and company. Everyone laughed a lot, and even though I didn’t win any cool prizes like I did last year, that’s all ancillary anyway; it’s just as much fun to dress up for the night and go out.

Tonight was my wife’s Moms Club Christmas party, so the kids and I had a “night out” of TV dinners (the kids love the frozen kids meals) and Shrek 2. I helped my wife make rum balls earlier in the week for tonight’s party, so you know that sets the stage for a long night.

And while not quite like a party, all last week we did Secret Santa at work. That’s always fun because getting free stuff is always a great distractor from work itself.

Next week, my birthday, along with Christmas Eve and Day. Oh, and I have a five-day weekend for it all, too. Gotta love this time of year!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jon! And Merry Christmas! I bet you’ve already written about the pros/cons of having a birthday at the holidays (mine’s on another "holiday" – April 1, hah!) – but I’d be curious your thoughts. (Where’s all the commenters anyway? Out Christmas shopping? Nah, nobody has THAT much money;-)

  2. I don’t know if I’ve written about that before, but I don’t mind having my birthday right before Christmas at all. It’s not *on* the holiday, and I’ve never been short-changed on gifts (whereas I’ve known other people with birthdays on or around Christmas complain that they always had their birthdays combined with Christmas). My brothers always thought I was getting twice as many gifts just because it was so close, in fact.

    Nope, I like it, it’s the best time of year 🙂

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