The Fortune blogging article

Fortune magazine has a big article about blogging out (here, via Joi Ito), it’s pretty good. There’s a few quotes I really liked that I pulled for everyone’s enjoyment:

  • “If you fudge or lie on a blog, you are biting the karmic weenie” — quote from Steve Hayden of Ogilvy & Mather
  • “Yes, for all its democratic trappings, there are hierarchies of influence in the blogging world.”
  • “E-mail is for old people, says Irving; kids prefer to communicate by phone and IM, and, now, by keeping blogs.”
  • “Our legal department loves the blogs, because it basically is a written-down, backed-up, permanent time-stamped version of the scientist’s notebook. When you want to file a patent, you can now show in blogs where this idea happened.” — quote from Marissa Mayer of Google

Email is for old people? What about if I use email to notify me when I get a blog comment? Hm.

The Google comment about timestamping ideas in blogs in especially interesting; I touched on similar issues and themes nearly a year ago in my RSS as Poor Man’s Copyright post. (I don’t know how patentable an idea from a blog might be, though.)