My dad clued me in to this: Fireball sighted over Pacific Northwest.

A fireball streaked through the night sky across the western half of the Pacific Northwest on Saturday, startling people all the way from southern Oregon to the Seattle area.

Scientists said the fireball was probably a meteor, and that it likely disintegrated just before any fragments fell into the Pacific Ocean.

That would have been cool to see; my dad told me a coworker of his saw the fireball Saturday night on the way to work.

It would have been cooler to have seen this news show up on or the Bulletin; the AP story was in the paper version of the Bulletin, but not anywhere that I could find online. Seems like this is something that should excel in; did I see a comment on their new design that they were trying to get an AP feed, or am I thinking of something else?

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  1. AP feeds are a bit spendy, so I don’t know about that showing up on Maybe an alternative source, but I don’t see them getting an AP feed anytime soon.

  2. The Bulletin had a story Sunday, it just didn’t make it online. We had the piece over the weekend and Monday as well on KTVZ – again, it didn’t make our Website. (As for our future site…;-)

  3. Yeah, I saw it in the Sunday paper, that’s what my dad pointed out to me. I pretty much figured it wouldn’t be online though before I even checked. :-/

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