14 Replies to “Never ending fall”

  1. I 100% agree that ther should be a man too!!and maybey you guys can make an alien that his head blows up when u drop it on his nagen!!

  2. come on pps tell them to do some fin about i. there is plenty of pps who agree wiv me. if u agree wid me say somefin. COME ON GUYS!!

  3. I think you should make a man 2, but also a little blood…or maybe even some sound. Or even able to pick characters and backrounds. Etc.

  4. i think there should be more objects for her to hit e.g sharp sticks so she gets stabed….
    that would b great

  5. we think that it should have more obsticles for her in staed of bubbles and mabye there should be differnet peeps

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