Munch ‘n Music

So on the spur of the moment this evening we decided to go to this year’s first Munch ‘n Music and have dinner. Oddly, there doesn’t seem to be any good website source for Munch ‘n Music, so for those of you not from Bend, here’s the three-second explanation:

Thursday evenings during the summer in Bend, free concerts in Drake Park are accompanied by food and craft vendors, and a beer garden. Parking is hell.

This was the first one we’d been to in years, so the beer garden was new to me. We didn’t stay for the full concert—we never do, really, with young kids—but we did enjoy Pilot Butte Drive-in‘s cheeseburgers and fries. We hadn’t had them since forever and they were utterly delicious. It’s the only place you can get Pilot Butte after lunchtime these days! Score! The kids had Pizza Mondo. I was totally jonesing for some elephant ears, but the line was too long and we were on the way out.

My wife got a new toe ring and the kids got an ice cream bar and cotton candy. It was a fruitful trip.

One of these days we’ll try staying for the full concert. And I will get some elephant ears!

Update: My wife found the website… it’s Go figure. Couldn’t find it on the search engines, so that’s saying something.

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