Did Barcelona close down?

In this case, “Barcelona” refers to the restaurant in Downtown Bend, in the St. Clair building. The reason I’m wondering if they’re closed is because they have a banner reading “Restaurant fire sale Monday” and the interior looks, well, disassembled.

Anyone know what the scoop is?

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  1. I heard (from unreliable sources) that Barcelona’s lease was up and business wasn’t so good. Zydeco might be moving into the location. It’s a shame, their balcony was the best spot in downtown to watch the Cascade Cycling Classic.

  2. The new owner was a dick and he ran the place into the ground. I have a friend who had knee surgery last year. He was crutching by Barcelona and had to stop for a minute in exhaustion. There was nobody in any of the seats outside Barcelona so he stopped for a minute to rest. The owner came out and informed him that if he wasn’t going to order something he had to leave. We used to be regulars there and were outraged at this treatment.

    My buddy on crutches works in the local medical community. We spread the word throughout the community (including the hospital) on the poor treatment he had recieved there. Needless to say none of our crew and nobody we know has gone there since in the last year.

    Karma is a bitch.

  3. Just to set the record straight, ZYDECO is not moving downtown. We’re staying put right here on 3rd Street. We love our location!

    However, it’s true… We have taken over that prime corner at St. Clair Place. We’ll be opening 28 (an American Bistro) in late September/early October-ish.

    p.s. love your blog – your commentary is great & keeps me in good spirits!

  4. I’m with Aaron on this one. The owner (Sam?) wasn’t very nice to me on two separate occasions, and I boycotted the place. Last I saw, he was wearing a sandwich board on the corner of Bond and Franklin that read "New Cheaper Menu". Yeah, that should work. Nice to hear that the Zydeco owners are moving in downtown. They know how to run a restaurant!

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